District 102 Preschool Screening 2017-18 & Preschool for All



LaGrange Elementary School District 102, in collaboration with Helping Hand, is conducting a screening for children birth to age 5. The purpose of the preschool screening is to assess those children whose parents have concerns about delays in their child’s development in any of the following areas: vision, hearing, speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, or cognitive development. This is not a general developmental screening nor does it replace your child’s routine visits to the doctor.

Birth to 2yrs 10 months – will be screened by Helping Hand, which works in collaboration with District 102.
2 yrs 10 months to 5 - will be screened by District 102

Parents will be required to complete a questionnaire for each child prior to scheduling a screening. Based on the results, you will be notified if your child should attend a screening. Screenings occur approximately once per month. Depending on the results of the screening, your child could potentially be considered for the following:

Early Intervention Services (Birth to 3) – determined by Helping Hand and provided by public agencies not related to District 102 services
Vision and hearing referrals to your private practitioner (Ages 3-5)
Fine and gross motor recommendation for home activities
Pre-Kindergarten At-Risk Programs – programs providing school for children ages 3-5 determined to be at-risk for achieving educational success.
Early Childhood Special Education – screening team will refer children identified as experiencing significant developmental delays for further evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.

To request a questionnaire, please call: 708-215-6826.

Please share this information with friends and neighbors living in District 102.  
To download flyer, please click here.



LaGrange School District 102 offers a no cost Preschool For All program that focuses on providing high-quality educational classes for children who are determined to be at risk for academic struggles. Risk factors include economic disadvantages, English language learners, and/or family dynamic factors. 

The classes are five days a week for two and one-half hours. Transportation is the families responsibility. 

To schedule a screening or interview, please call Kathy Boxell at 708-215-6801.   To download the program flyer, please click here.